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    Schiller Medilog® DARWIN2 Enterprise Software (Software Only)

    Full tech suppor by Schiller Switzerland and SBI MEDICAL LLC

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    Medilog DARWIN2 Enterprise Software includes the unique true atrial analysis and apnea detection. medilog DARWIN2 Liberty Scanlab introduces a revolutionary concept of distributed computing in the field of Holter analysis. medilog DARWIN2 Liberty Scanlab provides full access to Holter data and reports remotely over the internet, without installing any special client software. (web-browser required) This software is targeted to Holter scanning service providers, who collaborate with doctors in remote locations. It was never so easy to upload and manage Holter data and reports.

    FEATURES:Same features as DARWIN2 Professional Software plus following additional features:

    - Sleep Apnea analysis

     - Medilog DARWIN2 Liberty Scanlab Software:

    Minimum requirements to run medilog® DARWIN2 Liberty Scanlab Server:

    - Intel Core2 Dual or Quad with 2GHz or better

    - 500GB hard disk

    - 2048 Mbytes RAM 

    - Microsoft Windows XP Professional

    - TCP/IP compliant networking hardware and firewalled access to the internet

    Minimum requirements for a medilog® DARWIN2 Liberty Scanlab Client: 

    - TCP/IP compliant networking hardware and firewalled access to the internet 

    - Any operating system 

    - Any internet browser (MS Internet Explorer 8+, Mozilla Firefox 4+, Safari 5+, Google Chrome 10) 

    Supported Recorders and Formats:

    - medilog® AR4 and Medilog AR12 (TOM files)

    - medilog® FD5plus, AR4plus, AR12plus, 

    - medilog® DARWIN interchange format (DAW files)