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  • Schiller AT-10 EKG with...


    You are bidding for a SCHILLER AT-10 Interpretative EKG, Stress test And Spirometry Machine.

    It comes with 1 year full warranty by Specialized Biomedical Instrumentation, LLC (SBI Medical). 

    It comes with: 

    - Schiller SP-150 Spirometry sensor 

    -  Brand new 10 Leads cable 

    - Thermal paper loaded 

    - Brand new battery 

    - Box of electrodes

    - 10 disposable spirometer mouthpieces

    - Power Cord

  • Schiller AT-10 PLUS...


    Factory Refurbished Schiller AT-10 PLUS Interpretative Wifi EKG Machine (Upgradable to PTF and Stress Test)

    It comes with 2 year warranty by Schiller Switzerland and full technical support by SBI MEDICAL LLC 

    Free remote support and assitance for software installation and using training. 


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    It comes with: 

    - 10 Leads cable . 

    - Disposable electrodes

    - Set of clips

    - Power Cord 

    - Thermal paper loaded 


    The CARDIOVIT AT-10 plus combines the basics of electrocardiography with the benefits of the IT world.

    It does not only provide all functions of a high-quality 12-channel electrocardiograph, but also meets the requirements of an integrated diagnostic workstation.  

    Its brilliant communication concept makes the AT-10 plus an extremely flexible tool.

  • SCHILLER Stress Echo-Couch...


    Thanks to an additional pivot axis of the couch, the patient can be positioned in an angle of up to 45 degrees to the left during exercise. 

    This ensures a particularly favourable position for high-quality ultra-sound images during stress echocardiography.

    The stable shoulder support ensures a comfortable and safe positioning of the patient while the couch is tilted to the left.

    Apart from these special applications, the ergometer can of course still be used as a normal couch/semi-couch safety ergometer. 

    Special safety aspects require the use of a couch/ semi-couch safety ergometer, e.g. patients with suspected problems of the cardiovascular system during

    exercise following a myocardial infarction, after bypass surgery, or special applications of exercise ergometry, e.g. cardiac catheter tests.

    The use of a ERG 911 LS couch/semi-couch ergometer is also recommended for the examination of elderly and handicapped patients.

  • Schiller ERG 910 plus – easy


    The bike ergometers ERG 910 plus is developed for use in the cardiology sector based on the proven previous models, with particular care to ensure highest stabilityand practicability. 

    The devices are used for performing defined exercises during ergometric examinations and therapeutic applications.

    Regardless of their features, the devices meet the highest quality standards in compliance with DIN VDE 0750-238 for accurate physical exertion tests to conduct measurements in cardiovascular and pulmonary function diagnostics.

  • Schiller ERG 911 S/Seat...


    The Seat ergometer has been developed for very heavy patients up to 300 kg(661.38LB). 

    Intended for use with  high-risk, elderly or physically handicapped patients.

  • Schiller HAND ERGOMETER ERG...


    Hand ergometer for mobility-impaired patients

    SCHILLER ergometers have been developed for sophisticated exercise tests with minimised user effort, as well as cardiological workout. 

    Ergometers are used in cardiology, sports medicine and rehabilitation.

    SCHILLER‘s hand ergometer has been designed for mobility-impaired patients with its construction being based on the SCHILLER bicycle model ERG 911 / 911BP. 

    The seat can easily be slid away to accommodate paraplegic patients.