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    The Multifunctional Trolley Set is a must-have for any skincare business. 

    The trolley comes pre-loaded with standard equipment including a 5X magnifying lamp on an adjustable arm, an ozone steamer and a towel cabinet . 

    It also houses six popular devices from the B-Equipment Series including the skin scrubber, digital ultrasonic , high frequency, rotary brush, Vacuum & Spray  and the diamond microdermabrasion machine. 

    These machines are only available with th Multifunctional Trolley and cannot be purchased separately. 

    The Pro Combi Multifunctional Trolley Set is designed with four heavy-duty caster wheels to make it easy to move around the room or the clinic. 

    The trolley keeps everything needed for most skincare treatments in one location and centralizes the power supply to eliminate unnecessary cords and hazards. 

    Everything is neat and organized, with a modern look that's perfect for any skincare clinic.