Schiller Cardiovit AT-10 Plus Stress System with Treadmill

Schiller Cardiovit AT-10 Plus Stress System with Treadmill


Schiller Cardiovit AT-10 Plus Stress System with Interpretation & Treadmill # 9.173000E-110V



- 3 years on Schiller AT-10 Machine

- 1 Year on Treadmill or Bike

12-channel microprocessor based automatic electrocardiograph, 10-leadwire, 12-lead simultaneous acquisition with programmable lead configuration. 

Includes TMX-428 110V Treadmill, Cart, 17" Display, Cable Arm, and accessories. Upgradeable to PFT. 

Giving the power of easy-to-use single button operation for printing storage and transmission. 

Advanced ECG technology such as risk stratification tools as Thrombolysis and SAECG (former LAPO). Bi-directional communication via internal modem, LAN or WLAN/Wi-Fi, Patient demographics, ECG orders and discrete and displayable results can be exchanged with SEMA 200 as well as third party EMR, HIS and PACS systems via XML and DICOM.

Automatic Exercise ECG test control with customizable protocols and report configuration, Spirometry capabilities. In standard packed the AT-10 plus will have 5 minutes of full disclosure, reducing clinician review time and eliminating the need for repeat ECG's.

Standard unit including: SOFTWARE:

  • SCHILLER resting ECG software with 12 simultaneous leads
  • SCHILLER ECG measurement software M, incl. average complexes, measurement markers and detailed measurement results table
  • Enhanced pacemaker detection
  • Resting rhythm
  • Memory software for ECG's and Stress Tests. Max-350 ECG recordings
  • 12 channel ECG printout in automatic mode
  • Filters: 
  • SPF - SCHILLER power line filter, 
  • SSF - SCHILLER smoothing filter, 
  • SMF - SCHILLER myogram filter and 
  • SBS - SCHILLER baseline stabilizer
  • Continuous 12-channel real-time printout
  • On-screen preview of acquired 10 second ECG waveform
  • Full-disclosure, stores up to 5 minutes of 12-lead ECG data per patient


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